The forbidden pleasure is generally referred to as taboo, and like all forbidden fruit, it is the sweetest. Modern society loves labeling things that are not for the general masses as taboo, and usually, they want to restrict it as much as possible, but with the use of the internet, it is nearly impossible. Lots of fetishes and kinks are considered taboo, but some are more accepted than others. We are all very different beings, and every one of us gets turned on by different things. The problem is where do you draw the line? For some, there are things that are completely acceptable, and for others, those same things are considered taboo. There are things that definitely must not be accepted, but other things, the ones that are not hurting anyone, should not be suppressed as they only stop people from having pleasure and fun.

All the chat rooms below engage in different fetishes considered to be taboo. The most common in the West at the minute is the Taboo of Step Family. You only have to visit PornHub to see the sheer amount of videos based around sex with a a Step Mom, a Step Sister or even a Step Daughter. This is now reflected in the chat rooms with many cam girls who want to explore this taboo fetish. They want to play the role of your sexy Step Mom, or want you to be their hot Step Dad. There are many other fetishes considered taboo, some cam girls especially on Cam4 indulge in pissing so you can watch them piss live. Other taboos are BDSM chat and Certain sexual fetishes involving objects, body parts, or specific activities may be considered taboo.

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