Findom is a new type of BDSM, and it comes from a combination of two words: financial and domination. Most of the time, it is about a guy who is financially stable or even filthy rich, and he enjoys the feeling of a woman controlling his money for sexual gratification. These guys love finding financial dominatrix chicks that will make their submissive finsubs give them money for stuff, vacations, cars, and whatnot. Usually, these guys are married, and their dominas will threaten to tell their views if they don't give them money, and it makes the feeling even better. Of course, the boundaries must be set from the beginning, but it is all about fun and games that suit both participants of this deal. Girls who are Findoms are usually hot babes who love living luxurious lives and need the cash to fulfill their expensive desires.

Do you like being controlled by another woman, I mean totally dominated and at her will? Ever thought about finding a Findom? "Findom" is a portmanteau of "financial domination." It refers to a fetish or practice in which a man, usually a powerful and financially wealthy man derives sexual pleasure or gratification from being dominated by a woman - usually a spoiled brat or a Mistress. In a findom relationship, typically the submissive individual, we call these paypigs or finsubs or even moneyslaves willingly gives money or gifts to the dominant partner, a financial dominatrix or findomme for short, as a form of submission and to fulfill the dominant partner's desires. Often you're told that if you don't pay up your wife will be told and this increases the arousal and the daring game. Findom relationships can vary widely in terms of dynamics and boundaries. Some findom relationships may involve ongoing financial control and domination, while others may be limited to occasional financial tributes or gifts. Consent and clear communication about boundaries are essential in any findom relationship to ensure that both parties feel respected and satisfied. Now it's time to Transform Your Finances: Discover the Secrets of Financial Domination!

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