Cuckoldry, commonly referred to as cuckolding, is a sexual fetish or activity in which a person derives arousal from their wife having sex with another man or even men while the husband observes and encourages. The term "cuckold" historically referred to a man whose wife was unfaithful to him, often with his knowledge and consent. But these days it's took on another meaning, basically involves consensual non-monogamy with the husband usually made to feel inadequate, humiliated and a bit of a looser. There's plenty of stories on cuckold literotica but here you can you cane roleplay and make your own stories. Cuckold Chat is pretty hot and very naughty, Cuckold Regret; maybe you watched your wife with another man and she liked it more than what you thought she would and now you're feeling jealous and regret t he whole damn thing! Maybe you're ashamed that you had your wife do it with another man she cried while she was having sex with him. What ever it is you can talk in our Cuckold Chat rooms with real housewives and married couples who like to engage in cuckoldry.

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